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Data Protection Solutions

Solutions to protect your data assets using intelligent solutions to identify valuable information, secure it and prevent data loss.

Data Governance

Our consulting services are designed to deliver great customer experiences. We help you identify your challenges and opportunities to accelerate growth.

Employee Training

We can provide small scale classroom and online training to get your employees up to speed on data security best practises.

Solutions by Industry

Financial Services and Institutions

A proven solution to help you to meet a wide variety of regulatory needs from APRA, ASIC and ASX for listed companies.

To ensure protection of your customers data, better manage the risk of data breaches and reputational damage, Provide solutions for data retention, supervision, sanctions compliance, and other concerns. 

Insurance Companies

Our solution applies data analytics and machine learning to enable organizations to automate and supplement a vast array of manual-based tasks such as trend analysis and video surveillance. The software combines context-based analytics and visualization capabilities to empower knowledge employees and help companies take a data-driven approach to their processes, operations, and customer interactions.


Helps local, state and federal government entities to ensure that records retention regulations are met and response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is timely; create effective ways of organizing and sharing public and confidential information.

Implement complete data governance policies on projects that are necessary to comply with FRCP regulations
and meet legal discovery requirements


Holistic data protection solutions for Personally Identifiable information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI). Non-compromise approach to ensure compliance with privacy data and medical regulations.

Helping you to meet the compliance requirements for provisions including AHPRA and federal government.


Legal firms often need to deal with large amount of information as efficiently as possible. Data filtration and effective retrieval is the key. Data retention and retrieval are also an important compliance measure and risk management requirement.

News and Broadcast Media

Video analytics and identification, data indexing and organisations by video and audio. Complete by-passing text indexation.

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